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Wood Wool

Wood wool acoustic panels are eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing sound-absorbing solutions. Ideal for auditoriums, offices, and other commercial spaces, they offer excellent acoustic performance and can be customized in various shapes and colors


Bare Fabric

Bare fabric acoustic panels are an effective way to reduce noise in any workspace. They provide both sound absorption and visual interest while blending seamlessly into the existing decor. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors to enhance your office's acoustics and aesthetics



PET acoustic panels are a sustainable, eco-friendly solution for soundproofing. Made from recycled PET bottles, they absorb sound and improve acoustics while reducing environmental impact. Perfect for offices, studios, and public spaces


Wooden Slats

Wooden slat acoustic panels are an effective solution to controlling sound while adding a decorative touch to any interior. Our panels come in a variety of finishes and can be custom designed to fit any space

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